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Server Transfer

Recently It has come to my attention that Warhammer Online will be having a free server transfer program, since they havn’t given me any details regarding this on thier website I am not sure as to what the conditions for this transfer are. I predict that although free it will porbably be limited to 1 transfer per account or something of that sort.

From the Warhammer Online Site:


Over the last few weeks the team has implementing a transfer system to allow both players and guilds to move between our servers. This technology was not available for WAR at launch and building it has proven to be a little more complex than originally expected. I’m happy to say that starting next week we will begin public testing of the service and if things go well, we will be able to offer it free to our players (for a limited time) either next week or the week after that. I apologize for the delay in making this service available but again, it did take a little longer than we originally expected.

We will be posting details next week about the public test and then the parameters for the free service.

We’ll just have to see what things appear from this service. Today another message from the herald was posted regarding realm population bonuses and that theyw ould be disabling them until the tranfer time is over.

This leads me to believe a limited time event, that may mean free service but only at specific times. Because they cannot keep the population bonus down without admitting they eradicated it.


Due to the pending Character Transfers we announced yesterday there will be no new Realm Population Bonuses for the upcoming week.

Once players have settled down on their new servers we’ll begin offering these incentives again when we have an accurate view of what servers and realms need them the most.

Have a great weekend all and stay tuned for more details on the Character Transfer program!

But event with this information we have to see how it comes out. Maybe this might solve the balacing issues regarding populations of certain servers.

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This week its dungeon PQs and Bastion Stair on the rant board, along with some juicy screen shots and possibly some added goodness of I’m-not-sure-what.

Starting with bastion Stair may I say that Mythic has done a wonderful job with the first month, without me having actually tried a proper American MMORPG launch, i give kudos to the team for a relatively smooth start. I didn’t go past any bugs besides getting stuck two or three times and the odd quest bug here and there. It was relatively stable with me getting hardly any disconnects (except the second week, not sure what was going on then).

They have made an incredibly polished release game and their launch was above average. Now I’m not a Mythic ‘fanboi’ as you might judge me as, but I do put Mythic in high regard for this game.

You might be wondering what this has anything to do with Dungeon PQs and The Bastion Stair but let me assure you once you step in there for yourself you’ll see what I mean. The place has an amzing resonating atmosphere of Khorne. So far we are did all of the left, some of the right and as I am typing this we are running mid. So far I love this place, although me not getting any loot is depressing, this place is extremely interesting and I find killing the demons of Khorne very fun.

As our guild and it’s allies steamroll this place I can be able to tell you more but from what I have currently experienced Mythic is going in the right direction for group work. It is fun and yet equally rewards each and every player, the dungeon is not spilt into a tedious run through and instead integrates Mythic’s Public Quest mechanic into play here. Showcasing the flexibility of the system and a different approach to instanced material.

The heroes are of the right difficulty at the moment (most are relatively easy but boy do they hit hard!) it makes it only able for tanks to actually tank a boss, the bosses come in a variety of types each with it’s own special ability that sets it apart from the rest. For example, on the left’s second public quest is a boss that releases an AoE lightning on the ground, the objective of this fight is to avoid the lightning while burning down the boss. This sounds simple enough but without good teamwork you might find your whole team being decimated by the lightning if it strikes at the wrong place.

Bastion Stair is one of the best dungeons I’ve seen in a game, the level design is very nicely implemented along with the Public quests. There are also portals to instances, consisting of one surprising harder boss then in the PQ, I haven’t killed one yet but I predict nice epic quality gear of your class, or maybe 1 piece per person. After the boss is a portal, which might lead deeper or back to the start, either way completing the first leg of the bastion stair.

As for the influence in this place goes, 75150 is a fair bit. Seeing as guilds will most likely repeatedly come here, that might not be so much depending on your activity level here and the participation levels. For me this is not a amazing feat to achieve as our guild comes here often. The inf rewards for this place isn’t exactly great but they will do, and also the fact that this is probably going to be a first epic loot you will be getting for most of you playing this game.

Well I remember the previous issue I promised more, but as I have not been playing much this week this is all I’ve got for now. Since school in coliding, this will probably be as long as they get until I get all this school work sorted out.

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Its been a tough day, my Squig Herder hasn’t leved yet and I am writing this during an authentication error. These errors have been plentiful in the game and I hope that they go away soon. Squigy has been great and theres been suggestions to get the last name Stardust so it sounds like Ziggy Stardust. I actually might do that just for the sake of it. But for the time being Squigy McSquig, will be the name of my wonderous adventurer.

Note: I started this rather late but I will cover the previous zones as well soon enough.

My current location in Avelorn, as I look back and forth all I see is dense forest and shurbs with thick undergrowth, this place seems untouched by civilization. At level 24, this place seems easy enough with monsters around my level. Quests are plentiful as usual and they seem to be compressed.

A Map of AvelornHeres a Map of Avelorn, its rather big but half explored by my gobbo. Note the little camp icons, which represent chapters 11 and 12. These quests hubs give you enough quests to last you at least 1 level, if not 2. This really depends on how you actually perform questing, specific questers tend to get 1 level while free questers get 2. By specific I mean those who just do it for the quests while the free questers are distracted by Public Quests and such. Its not exactly complete at the eastern side as I would expect that to be a high level questing location. I also havn’t tried out the RvR in this place or the scenarios. Plenty of Public qeusts to do but I came in as a specific quester and will leave as one too.

Mounts are encouraged by the huge winding roads which shout “Ride on me!”. That kind of makes you think about the road less taken, and all the difference it has made. I honestly don’t quite like the foresty theme ofAvelorn and prefer the greenskins and their treeless horizons. Trees make me fee funny inside, and I dont mean the good way.

Well I guess if you hate the high elves this would be a ideal place to burn, seeing as there are so many too, not getting your first pip (badge) for killing 1000 high elves would be impossible.Thispip i dont quite have yet, but I assure you I will get one before i leave this horrid place!

This is Squigy on his routine adventures through elven settlements and temples which are scattered everywhere in Avelorn, where if there is no dark corrupted patches of land, there will be happy deers and white elves prancing around. Along with their big white tall elegant temples and shirines. Look at those elves, unaware that soon they will all die to my squig or me. Its quite satisfying to think that some times because it lets me fantasize what I would do to a certain someone. Joking Guys! Don’t worry not one of you will die mysteriously from horrific bite wounds or arrow wounds.Elves!

Avelorn has funny vibes about it, it doesn’t feel as dark as Shadowlands but I still feel the lingering darkness about it, I’m not sure exactly how that works but it makes me dislike the entire High Elf Versus Dark Elf storyline. Maybe WoW imprinted a permanent hate for large areas of organic matter of any sort. (Zangarmarsh? Sigh…)

Hmm I hope I leave here soon… Very Soon.

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Well hello there! I’m glad you stumbled upon my little piece of gaming. This blog is mainly intended to replace my gamespot one as the main place for me to post my messages.

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