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Well the times comes sometimes when MMO change their major direction to take with certain classes. This is normally a good thing, where classes and balancing problems are taken into consideration and fixed as well as possible. For Squig Herders, these changes have come out better then expected. Before the patch, my overall impression of the Squig Herder was one of the lower DPS classes.  This makes them do around 200k damage on a very good game of serpents passage. Now after the patch the very best damage I achieved was 350k, this is far better then the previous and does rack in more renown points for me.

Since the time that I have been playing a Squig Herder, I have experinced alot of changes that made the Squig Herder a better class and all. I will documents all the changes and the reasons why the change made Squig Hertders all the much better at annoying the healer.


Plink has gone through major changes, it now does alot of damage and certainly surprises most of the order cloth wearers.

Lv 40 Squigs

Since all squigs are now not binded to a particular mastery path, Squig Herders have a better diversity into what squig they can have out, or whether they even have one out. This means that a Big shooting spec can make the most out of the spiiked squig to get the extra 5% crit.

What Blocka?

When they changed this skill, the reduction of 990 armor from the opponent and reducing his block by 10% means you’ll be doing more damage. Depending on who you target, the damage increases by 100 or so.

Well hopefully Squig Herders can get further love by mythic to combat some of the alarming problems that are faced by Squig Herders such as better CC to balance the difference between the Squig Herder and melee DPS classes that can go near them at the moment without much of a fight.

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Well Squigy will be on break during the Xmas holidays. I will however still post a Xmas special along with a update of the website and it’s content soon. Keep in mind certain areas of the website will have to be closed to accommodate my new routine of updating this blog. These changes will unfortunately comprise of the following:

  • Removal of the Tome Titan Page, updates are all on the curse web page
  • Wallpapers will be inactive for the time being
  • Certain other aspect will have to be taken down.
  • New pictures will be added to introduce each section
  • A renaming of the blog and updates to the construction of each section
  • Updates of the Pile will include pictures and whatnot

Thanks for staying with me!

All the best for your Christmas holidays and New Year resolutions!


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