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Desktop UI

Its about time I showed you my ui. Well here it is in all it’s sci-fi glory!

Left: Rocket Dock with Lucid Icons Set

Bottom Mid: Geosans Skin for Rainmeter

Bottom Left: Reader skin by Enigma for Rainmeter by Kaelri

Bottom Right: CD Art Display (Now playing text is part of the enigma skin for Rainmeter) with iSome Skin

Top right: Date, Time and Weather skins from Enigma for Rainmeter by Kaelri

Top Center: Geosans Skin for Rainmeter

Background: The Rise of a Planet by taenaron

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Please help me by giving me some feedback to certain aspects of the website and how can I approve it. Please answer the poll below, and if there are enough votes, a feedback page might be needed for me to put up some questions of mine to you readers. Please fill it in and remember to be honest!

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SG Hits 1k

Thats Right! I’ve recently checked my total views and its now at 1k! That might not be much but to me its a milstone! Thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy SG as much as I do, look forward to some Graphical and other rules on here soon! Maybe I’ll put a poll up to see if any of the exsisting things regarding this site needs improvement on. Hope to hear from you and thanks once again for making this possible!


PS: Sorry for the short posts, I’ll try to make them longer next time, I really dont have anything to mention since I took my ‘Break’ from WAR, don’t worry! I’ll be back soon!

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Looking for Contributors to help contribute (D’uh) content and opinionated posts. If you would like to try to see if you could contribute, send me a sample of your typical posts via a comment or an email, your preference. Hope to hear from some of you to expand this site!

Email: ngkaijie@hotmail.com


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Web Exploration is fun at certain times so here’s another recommendation from my list of favourites!

Warhammer Age of Reckoning Podcast is one of the better podcasts out there if you ever are into that sort of thing. Its really enjoyables with a weekly podcast to update the listeners with Warhammer Related News. Created by the Dead Workers Party, WARP is current on their 22nd poscast each with 1 hour of information and netertainment to listen to while playing WAR, they have other podcasts such as TF2 and L4D. Check them out @ http://deadworkers.com/network/

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I found this stumbling upon the WWW , the seed list is a comprehensive database on seeds for cultivating and what they make when turned into potions. Check it here: http://www.jessivollrath.com/legionnoir/crafting/dataList.html
This actually was found quite awhile ago but I didn’t actually mention it for awhile. O well its out now so for all your cultivation freaks out there to see. Although most of you will have an in-game addon to track these things.

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Well heres the update on my review. its been awhile since the game released, so it calls for a revisit to the review and some updates and changing of my opinions and views of the certain aspects of the game.

-Graphics 8.5/10

Most of the texture detailing problems from the beginning when it first opened has been fixed. The game does in fact look much better now that it’s been given a little time to settle in. The long range lag issues are much better now but are still present if you look really carefully.

AoC still does have better graphics but the lag issues and texture problems do bump this rating up a 0.5 to a final score to 8.5!

-Game Play 8.5/10

Since I covered some of the key features that were advertised with the release, this will mainly discuss the end game prospects of WAR. To be frank, the end game isn’t as great as it turns out to be. As more and more players reach level 40 and get to end game, it becomes surprisingly lacklustre. The end game pretty much stops at Lost Vale, because of the way the fortresses and all go about, it’s nearly impossible to raid Altdorf and get to the king.

Even if you do get there, to get the best gear in town, you require to get 5 king raids. That means killing the king 5 times to be able to buy the gear that is sold in the store; this is only the jewellery and whatever else that is sold. Since I haven’t actually killed the king, I don’t know how his loot table works. But if it is anything like the regular bosses, a person to get the best gear in town will take many times.

The gear required to take the king is also located in Altdorf, and since the timer is on 4 hours, it’s going to take a while to reach this city plus the effort required to get ALL the gear to get to the king in that 4 hours, or the zone will reset then you have to repeat the whole process of capturing all the forts again and the time that takes to visit Altdorf yet again to try everything once more. Rinse and repeat.

Mind me if I’m ranting on the end game but I’m seriously disappointed at the amount of end game content and how restrictive it is. Both PvP and PvE sets requires to raid Altdorf which means the pace you wish to go at is all determined by the whole server as a whole. This may take months or even a year. Unfortunately this had led me to reduce the rating by 0.5.

-Balance 8.5/10

Balancing is still a problem with ranged DPS unable to kill anything but other Ranged DPS and sometimes healers. Tanks and Melee still dominate the PvP with their invincible tactics. Ranged DPS now have become more of a support DPS; the more you leave them alone, the more damage you’re going to get. I don’t think it’s severely imbalanced but some minor issues are still present.

It’s more balanced if you play as a group, which is the core of the Warhammer Online experience. So I’ll increase the rating by a 0.5, for enforcing the core of the experience, Working as a group!

-Music 10/10

I haven’t listened to the music for a while now, even though it is great, the jumping sounds of the goblins are kinda annoying after listening to it repeatedly. I won’t change this score but I think at least a fair few of you have also turned off your music for your own party mixes? (Correct me if I’m wrong)

-Model Art 9/10

No change in the model art, it hasn’t changed since the release, so the rating stands.

-Fun 8.5/10

Still fun but like the rating on the game play, the end-game lacks replayability so this might sound sad but this drops the rating down to an 8.5 on par with game play.

-Mechanics 9/10

Hmm… I’ve covered the mechanics in my previous review but since this is a revisit, I’ll try to cover the changes in the mechanics.

-RvR and Features 10/10

RvR is still fun but the fort and keep mechanics along with contribution has work to be done. The features of this game are still amazing but features itself can only get you so far, thats when pure raw content will push people to play longer. RvR is maturing as level 40 players are streaming into tier 4, making RvR faster paced and exciting than ever before. Big battles are laggy but that’s the part of the fun in itself!

-Total Average 9.5/10

Warhammer online is still fun but a bit of work is needed if it wants to keep its players playing for 2009 to come!

Have Fun!

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https://i0.wp.com/static.gamecrazy.com/images/games/boxart/13157.jpgWow! I’ve found my old Warhammer Online review down in Gamespot. Brings back the memories doesn’t it…

Well it’s 19th September already! Warhammer Online (WAR), as you know is a MMORPG made by Mythic Entertainment and EA Games. Based on 25 Years of history from Warhammer, this game is just as exciting as Paul Barnett advertised it to be.

This review will be based on my experiences with the game as a Level 14 (At time of publication). Some things you might not agree with but this is based on a Gobbo’s point of view.

-Graphics 8/10

Although not the best, for an MMORPG it is second to AoC in my opinion. Some things to spot are the apparent such as texture detail range. The range in which the textures gain the actual detail is rather short and might be quite annoying when you look into the distance only to see low texture detailed mountains.

The Shadows is a good start, although only you actual get a proper shadow while everyone else gets the generic dot on the floor style shadowing.

Skills look rather cool depending on what class you are. The Bright Wizard (Empire Ranged DPS) has nice looking skills except their AOE, which has the apparent effect of the low grade textures.

One thing I find very visually appealing is the realism of the arrow arcs, arrows when fired out of the bow of either the Shadow Warrior (High Elf Ranged DPS) or the Squig Herder (Greenskin Ranged DPS) do a nice little arc before hitting their target.

Another thing to mention about graphics is the model detail on equipments. Items are relatively high detailed and look ‘cool’. I however, like the capes in the game. They seem to be like those extra long capes and scale nicely to the character models.

-Game Play 9/10

WAR has a special feature that I enjoy, this is their questing. With questing, gone are the 30 minute grinds to find an item such as bear paws from bears that are meant to drop 4 of them. (Come on! You’ve killed the bear, just rip it’s paws off!) Every quest will ask you to perform simple tasks that are guaranteed to drop if you kill the right monster.

PvE in general is great, but I’ve noticed that if I am level 14 trying to kill a level 17 (Challenging at Level 14) it takes me forever to do. However killing it at level 15 (Drops to Equal at level 15) is much faster and easier.

PvP is amazing for an MMORPG. Warhammer is a game based on war and very easily ties PvP with PvE while still sticking to the lore of the IP. Pvp might seem somewhat long winded because of the high health characters start off with.

Another interesting feature is Bolstering. This buff will automatically increase your stats depending on what zone you are in to give you a better chance of actually surviving.

-Balance 8/10

Balance issues are present in this game, its not very surprising as they are very hard to get rid of. Ironbreaker(Dwarf Tank) and a Runepriest (Dwarf Support) are nearly invincible. The DPS of the physical ranged damage classes are rather low as compared with their magical counterparts. They both die just as easily in PvP so armour value is of hardly any difference.

With this said might I point out that these issues are not very seriousF and are minor. Actual balancing comparisons should be done at max level but since no one is there yet, I will have to review what I’ve played so far.

-Music 10/10

Seeing as it was played with a live orchestra, the music is superb and just by listening to the songs being play, it is very easy to identify what the music represents.

Skill sounds are not annoying and the background music while playing is of perfect amount; enough to have a sense of realism but not enough to annoy you.

-Model Art 9/10

Silhouette of characters are quite good and is quite easy to identify what you’re up against or what is charging at you. All the classes have a distinct look to them that helps you indentify, such as the Black Orc’s (Greenskin Tank) broad and buff look and the Bright Wizard’s (Empire Ranged DPS) fiery hair and body shape.

-Fun 10/10

This game knows how to do everything in moderation. Things don’t tend to get frustrating, even dying is not really a big deal and you simply respawn at your nearest camp.

PvP and PvE are good and scenarios have good replayablilty. You can level while PvPing, which is a rare thing to see in games.

Levelling is not very hard and since you can PvP to level, that makes everything rather easy.

Features such as influence and renown put more fun into the PvP besides the boring conventional shallow type of PvP, which has PvP because you can, not because you require it.

-Mechanics 9/10

I will explain the mechanics based on the four archetypes: Tank, Melee, Ranged and Support.


Tanks are actually quite imbalanced. They have a lot of health, a lot of armour and with their DPS option weapon, can dish out huge DPS despite their nature. This can used to your advantage with healers all healing this large unstoppable killing machine. Tanks have a lot of threat increasing skills that make sure the monster focuses on him, and not the healer.

Tanks in this game can hold off multiple mobs while dealing decent damage.


Ideally DPS tanks with less armour but more DPS. These are equipped with skills that are more damage orientated than Tanks. With lower armour, this means they cannot tank and they have no threat increasing skills. Melee DPSers are possibly one of the more effective archetypes in PvP.


Ranged DPSers are proficient at aiding the tank as he keeps the monsters off you. Ranged DPSers are spilt into 2 types; Physical, which are the ones that do physical damage (Squig Herder, Engineer, Witch Hunter, and Shadow Warrior) and Caster which are the ones that cast magic (Sorcerer, and Bright Wizard) Both the casters have a risk involved, where they must build up their magic, which in turn allows them to deal more damage at a cost of possibly losing a large chunk of their health because of a backfire. Physical DPSers have a more stable form of DPS but tend to do less damage. No risks such as backfires are experienced as a physical DPS at the cost of reduced DPS. (This might sound quite unfair but let me assure you blowing yourself up while getting ganked is not such a good thing.)


Support characters are healers, or well that’s what the word support tends to refer to. In fact these ‘Support characters’ are effective as DPS just as any other archetype. They have skills relating to keeping people alive and some DPS spells for doing damage. Goblin Shamans (Greenskin Support) have the Mork and Grok mechanic, where their healing spells become more effective as they cast damage spells and vice verse. This makes healing less boring and puts some fun and active playing and strategic planning in it, instead of just pressing the same hotkey a thousand times.

-RvR and Features 10/10

RvR is a very interesting concept, where keeps and points of capture are present in an open PvP zone. Capturing them helps your realm reach the ultimate goal of raiding and sieging the opposite faction’s capital. Which leads to killing their leader and getting awesome loot.

Keeps are large fortresses that guilds can capture for the realm; this then gives them a place to meet up like a sort of guild hall type of place. To siege a keep, it acts as a dungeon, where you have to kill levels of guards hired by the guild to defend the keep. This leads to the killing of the Keep Lord and gaining control of the keep for your guild. Keeps will change shape depending who surrently has control of them and it is easily identifiable who actually owns one.

Capture points are less visually appealing then keeps but still hold an important role of aiding the other tiers. This means low level characters can still feel that they are contributing to the overall war effort.

-Total Average 9.5/10

Warhammer Online is definitely a good game and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a MMORPG. You can check out all the classes and additional information at http://www.warhammeronline.com.

Have Fun!

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https://i0.wp.com/www.incoldbloodclan.com/codww-3.jpgJust two of the games I’ve picked up to play their single player campaigns. First of all, CoD:WaW has a campaign based on the pacific and russian fronts. They are quite fun, but with most of the typical FPS campaigns, the gameplay is very linear and lacks real depth. I found it quite enjoyable , especially the tank and gunship levels, just like the CoD4 gunship level, except this time its closer to ground. A feature new in WaW is Co-operative mode. I haven’t personally used or experimented with it myself but with the mixed comments I can’t say for sure if it is a good or bad feature. I dont really review games, so I guess its rather pointless to attempt to this time. But regardless of that last statement, I will at least give it a rating.

Call of Duty: World at War 8/10

Last Words: The campaign is a bit short, but you shouldn’t expect much from a game focused on multiplayer and their new co-operative mode.

https://i0.wp.com/cache.kotaku.com/assets/images/kotaku/2008/07/Dead_Space_Box_Art.jpgDead Space was the other game I player over the weekends, dead space is a sci-fi horror game similiar to movies like event horizon. Crew replies to distress call by a ship in space, ship found deserted, crew dies. (or something similiar) It’s got typical horror game cliches, such as when you open a door (somewhere) heavy loud voilin sreeching sounds along with wailing moans of the monsters that inhabit the ship. You walk around in third personshooting a variation of monsters with long claws. I haven’t finished the games myself but I am looking forward to it.

Dead Space: 8/10

Last Words: Dead Space is a good play, it lacks replayability and has alot of typical horror game tricks.

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