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Warhammer Online has released their juicy new content pack called Beyond the Sands! Heres the excerpt from the newsletter! Wonder whats in store for us!

A slow trickle of questionable artifacts has begun to surface on the warfront as initial expeditions return from the southern sands. Uncertain as to why, the forces of Order are nevertheless determined to thwart the plans of their enemies by securing these powerful items for themselves.

But the forces of Destruction have done more than simply pilfer the silent barrows of a forgotten empire; they have awoken the servants of the undying kings, and now the indomitable will of the Tomb Kings are fixed beyond their borders once again.

Liche Priests have followed the artifact trail north through Dwarf and greenskin lands, determined to recover the stolen possessions of their masters at all costs

Unencumbered by the mundane need to eat or sleep, these tireless undead spell casters have found the battlefields of the Old World to be excellent “recruiting” grounds as they call forth skeletal armies to overwhelm both Order and Destruction forces.

Beyond the Sands is the second chapter in the Call to Arms! event story arc leading up to the release of the Land of the Dead dungeon later this year. Beyond the Sands will pit players against each other as both factions compete to secure artifacts of the Nehekharan Kings and subdue their Liche Priests.

Players who complete all of the event tasks will receive an exclusive title “Grave Robber” as well as Aviator Goggles, a helm item with special properties.

Live Event:

Call to Arms: Beyond the Sands


Late April


Battle to secure expedition crates from the Artifact Depots in the RvR Lakes. Join the Fallen Kings Open RvR PQ to vie for control of ancient artifacts and face a powerful servant of the Tomb Kings. Complete four new quest chains, including a unique epic quest which will unlock as the secrets of the sands unfold.


Basic – Unique Event Title – Grave Robber
Advanced – Unique Tomb Kings Trophies
EliteAviator Goggles

“They say it was once a paradise, as green and as plentiful as Caledor. To look on Nehekhara now, I can hardly believe such claims. What was it that brought such a great empire to ruin? What brought its walls crumbling down, decimated its people, and made its rulers the mockeries of life that they have become? And might such a fate be visited upon our world?”

— Loradian, Scholar of Saphery

“A dry, dry place! Hot wif sun ‘n not a mushroom innit! No proppa place fer a Waaagh! if ya ask me. Oh, I knows ya ain’t asked me, boss! I’s just givin’ out, dat’s all!”
— Razza, Goblin, Zandri Expedition

The Land of the Dead is a vast realm of lifeless deserts and barren landscapes. Nehekhara, as this wasted territory was known in antiquity, consists of countless necropolises that lie sprawling where great and powerful cities once stood. Sand-scoured monuments, hypostyles, and mastabas, crumbling with the passage of eons, mark the final resting places of powerful kings, princes, and lords. Though their citizens died long ago, these forsaken necropolises are far from lifeless.

This is the land of the Tomb Kings: great monarchs of a bygone age who sought to cheat death and live as immortals in the bejeweled kingdoms they had wrought in life. Long did their Liche-Priests toil in search a solution to the enigmas of death, but an ultimate solution eluded them. In lieu of directly extending the lives of their kings, the Liche Priests chose to prepare their kings’ remains for the time when they would rise from the dead into an eternal paradise as immortal beings.

Centuries passed and countless kings and princes were embalmed, sanctified, and entombed upon their deaths. When the time of their immortality came, they discovered that the world they knew in life had been laid to waste, its people decimated and its cities crumbling. Instead of the eternal paradise promised them by the Liche Priests, the Tomb Kings awoke to an everlasting Land of the Dead.

The Necropolis of Zandri

“It is here, in this city of the dead, that we must secure victory against the wretches that assail us. The clues are there, beneath the sands. If we are to emerge victorious, we must find them, pull them from the dunes, and solve the puzzle before our enemies do. The solution is here, within the halls and mastabas of Zandri.”
— Vanden Lightwind, Archmage of Hoeth

“Do they know why we have come here? Why we have diverted precious resources to this lifeless place? They must, for they are not fools! Why else would they match us pawn for pawn, knight for knight? They want the Casket of Souls as much as we do, though I dare say they haven’t the stomach to use it.”
— Xalyn Eboneye, Bride of Khaine

Zandri, which exists near the northern coast of the Land of the Dead, was the greatest of Nehekhara’s northern cities. Like much of Nehekhara, it is now a vast and sprawling ruin. It is this zone, known as the Necropolis, which is fraught with danger and rife with conflict. It presents players with their initial challenges in the Land of the Dead.

Though much of the Necropolis’ vestiges have been lost to time or remain buried beneath the dunes, a number of landmarks remain. Central to these is the Library of Zandri, which Amenemhetum filled with written knowledge from every corner of his once-extensive empire. The Hall of the Heavens, too, was once consulted by the priests of the Vulture Lord’s mortuary cult, for knowledge and prophecy can be found in the circling stars.

These places of power, amongst others, are kept safe by Amenemhetum’s trusted generals: Tomb Princes and Liche Priests who would face death a second time rather than fail their unforgiving master. Such is his pride that King Amenemhetum the Vulture Lord, ruling from his great pyramid, would see these monuments reduced to dust and ashes before his enemies could claim them.

The Tomb of the Vulture Lord

“You better make sure you use your people right, even if it means playing them off one against the other. Every great ruler does it. Hells, I’d wager even Karl Franz does it, though I don’t mean any disrespect in saying so. Mark my words: There isn’t a better motivation than spite to fuel a man’s hunger for power!”
— Desmond Koehler, Bright Wizard of the Empire

“That’s the sweet scent of ambition, my friend. I can taste it each time the eastward wind blows a gust of sand and gravel across the camp. It comes from the pyramid, or I’ll blind myself with a raven’s claw. There’s more than just the Tomb King in that place craving more than what they’ve already got. It’s a nest of scorpions in there, and I mean that in more ways than just the one.”
— Kavina the Stormrider, Magus of Tzeentch

With the dangers of the Necropolis zone behind them, players will face Zandri’s true challenge: the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

The Tomb, within Zandri’s great pyramid, is a necropolis in its own right. After defeating the Necropolis’ challenges and solving the necessary puzzles, players can gain access to the Vulture Lord’s tomb. Not only will players need to contend with the Tomb King’s undead minions, they must also survive several deadly traps constructed to keep both enemies and tomb robbers at bay. The Tomb is the unassailable seat of Amenemhetum’s power, and none can hope to defile it.

Highest among Amenemhetum’s servants within the pyramid are his Hierophant, Eutra’ta, and Herakh, High Priest of Ualatp. Even without these capable servants, the Vulture Lord is a powerful and immortal foe who possesses many ancient relics. Of these, the most-feared and coveted is his Casket of Souls, which contains the spirits of Amenemhetum’s gravest enemies. Each is bound for eternity within the ghastly artifact, freed briefly when the Vulture Lord unleashes their captive souls upon his enemies.

King Amenemhetum is not unfamiliar with the forces that Order and Destruction have arrayed against him. In the distant past of his living rule, his fleets crossed prows with Malekith’s ships in the seas east of Ulthuan, and his soldiers took the field against the Dwarfs of old. Though enraged by their audacity at invading his homeland, the Vulture Lord is quietly pleased by the sudden call to war and relishes putting his enemies to their final test.

Read more about The Land of the Dead >>

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For those of you who do not visit the Champions Online site for whatever reason but do visit this, I will link a couple of the nice Champions Online screenshots for you eyes to drool over. These are some of the more recent screenshots!




Champions Online has recently released a guild beta application page for those who wish to play the beta as a guild. This would be interesting and also may increase your chances of getting in if you have a large group. I am thinking of applying as a guild with some of my Warhammer Online friends, if they allow additional invites after the application has been submitted, I will be more then happy to invite some readers that are interested in here to the beta. Take a close look at those screen shots and imagine you being there!

I will be applying for the guild application in 3 days, (2nd April) so comment and add your email by then to be on my list!

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Well it’s that time of the year again, where I look over the site and what’s been up. I have decided to expand the site to more folds of gaming but still specifically focusing on computer gaming, although some console stuff might be added now and then. Tech news will also be a part of our family along with some other news.

Warhammer Online is still what I play so that will still be my focus although there is not much use in that direction anymore since the population cap has went down exponentially and endgame is somewhat still lacking. For all you Warhammer Readers out there (all of you) I bid you a slow transitioning farewell. Maybe you will still read my post, maybe you will not. But whatever you do, I hope you had a great time with me and I have enjoyed telling you about my Warhammer Experiences. (This isn’t to say that I will stop posting about Warhammer, but the news and focus will be moving away from a single game to all genres of gaming.)

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Champions Online home

Champions Online is a new MMORPG in development by Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes/Villains) that is based on the same theme, which is obviously super heroes. This game has been under the watch for a while and is expected to be a more detailed and enjoyable super hero experience. Although this game has not released any real detail or information regarding the game, the limited media they give us is more than enough to entice players to at least try their game out. Unlike traditional fantasy based MMOs, this one is set in both a city and islands that are very different from their city counterparts.

For an avid gamer of MMOs, the city concept of City of Heroes/Villains seemed very unique for me but I have not had the time to play it when it was released, and now it just doesn’t have the player base and graphical detail to lure me to play instead of waiting for the new wave of Super hero MMOs to be released. Along with Champions online is DC universe by Sony. I don’t have any details on that but you can Google results for some information on that (Also I am focusing on Champions Online instead of DC universe) if you so wish to.

These 2 games are what my next line-up for my MMO journey, and hopefully it will also be an enjoyable one! Champions Online follows the story of aliens invading earth, with you, the hero, put in the frontlines of this combat. Along with all MMOs, the story line is no real masterpiece but does the job – to advance the player as the cruise along the scripted world. Graphics are cell shaded which gives that comic book feel to the game. Characterisation is also a big role with developers claiming a large and engaging customisation of their characters and costumes.

Champions online is due to release this year sometime.

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On March 23, 2006 Microsoft set the record for the largest water balloon fight at the Xbox 360 launch on Coogee beach, Sydney. A total of 2849 people formed the shape of the Xbox 360 logo brandishing 51400 water balloons. It sets a new definition for the Australian water crisis!

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The choppa, as you may very well know is the new class along with the slayer following the bitter rivals event. They are each others mirror on the opposing faction, which means they will ultimately perform and do around the same actions. Their skills are pretty much the same but for now I will focus on the choppa which I have played to level 6.

Supersize is a great warrior, he charges into the heat of battle (without the skill charge) and kills as many things as possible while trying to get healing support. Surprisingly I fall victim to the slayer himself, all orange and stout – a force to be reckoned with. The slayer is the only real match to the mennace that is a choppa, when a choppa goes berserk and is not focused fired, lives will be taken.

Overall the choppa and slayers are a great addition to complete all 24 classes of warhammer thus bringing it finally up to where it should have been when it launched (except for the cities, but I think since everything is working out so fine that the cities may never been implemented) a few months back.

When starting a choppa, the first skill you get at level 1 will make you go berserk alot and unable to control all that rage of yours. This is however fine since after all you are only level 1 and can kill everything with little to no effort. Level 2 brings the first exhaustive move, which will reduce your rage at the cost of increasing the crit chance against you by 5%. Once you get your second exhaustive bow skill, this level 2 skill will like be thrown away or forgotten about since you can do more damage without sacrificing using the other skills. Once you slowly advance the ranks, you will likely notice that the choppa and slayer will not have that many dot kind of skills, or their dots only have a limited and rather short duration as opposed to other classes. You also will get a range of AoE skills at the start to begin your AoE adventures into WAR.

PvE wise, the choppas and slayers should not have a problem killing and completing the quests mythic provides. Monsters should not pose a problem as much and they should also be rather good at end game where the 50% extra damage beserk will be on most of the time since monsters in dungeons and such dont actually hit you anymore.

PvP is another story, where keeping it under the 50% attack bonus is required to survive. You are extremely squishy and will go down very fast if someone catches you in the big fury. Avoid large groups and try to gank people with more of your kind.

Well overall they both are good classes that have even matches to every other class in the game, hopefully they will fit in without too much noise from the complainers and maybe settle to be one of the core classes for dungeons and others.

PS. Mind the choppa and slayer, its meant to be Choppa and Slayer.

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Did you know, that “in May 2008 Xbox 360 became the first next generation console to break through the 10 million unit sales barrier in the US!”

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What can I say? Empire: Total War is one massive game with hundreds of hours of quality gaming. It has beautiful landscapes and detail beyond any RTS possible. It is simply RTS at its finest with many of the features and conventions of an RTS mixed into a 14 GB file of goodness.

First off, I’ll Start with the graphics and as with any high quality graphically intensive game, graphics are sharp and nice. Each little man you have has a detailed face and armour. Unlike Medieval 2 however I have noticed a similarly in the face structure that they all look likes clones once more, but that’s not a big deal as the rest of the game looks very impressive. The campaign map also has rather nice features and a clean easily interpreted map. Ship battles, which are the new thing in all RTSs it seems, have great water details but the boundless ocean map can seem strange when you are fighting just off shore.

Music is more of short 1 second wav files and a huge mix of unit charge quotes. Apart from that I have not heard any really tunes, so I have replaces it with my own tunes. I can’t really say much about music in any game so far as most of it is not required. The only time I really listen to music is to immerse myself in the game, which is only really required in horror games, FPS games (for footsteps), and some other games which require sound to do certain things.

Game play is fun as ever, watching your little men charge at the opponent’s little men always brings a smile to my face. Nothing much has changed to the land battles as far as I can notice but a real nice change is the Ship battles. They are fun but once you have done them over and over, it comes down to having a broadside to win. Capturing ships on the other hand require a barrage of chain shots which tear though masts. The details when zoomed into closed watching your men reload cannons etc are nice especially when they are commanded to board the enemy ship.

The Campaign include a Grand Campaign, where you play as any of 12 nations and a story-driven campaign called Road To Independence, where you control a colony of British settlers on their way to separating from Britain and becoming America. Both are fun but for a new player to this game like me, the road to independence is like a tutorial towards the grand campaign and familiarises you with the environment and play style of Empire: Total War.

Things that could have been improved is the ship battles, as fun as they may be initially, they do wear down very fast and in the end you will just want to auto resolve the battle instead of fighting it out. Although I have missed out a lot of aspects (I know but bare with me) I have just started this game and will require some time to fully explore the different game modes.

NOTE: I have not touched Multiplayer yet but I will soon enough! I therefore will not rate the game since obviously it is just a first impression and I haven’t touched every corner of this game yet. (And I wont for a long time)

That’s just an impression on Empire: Total War. As it just came out, I cannot say for certain whether it is a good game but overall if you are a gaming fan, this is a MUST for you. Get it off steam for 57 bucks and get a whooping bang for your buck!

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Hi I’m Grumbo! I am a new contributor to this site
specialising in FPSs. I hope I can give you guys an enjoyable time and
entertain you along the way.

I recently started
playing this FPS game called Left4Dead (L4D) so I thought I’d give everyone my
opinions of the game. It is developed by Valve, the same company that created
the popular Counter-strike and hence the game play has the similar sense of
realism. In expert mode you get knocked down and die within one or two hits
from the hundreds of zombies which swamp you, and hence good teamwork is critical
for the game. There are also zombie bosses; Hunters which have crazy movement
speed and pounces, Smokers which have a long range pull and disables the
opponent, Witches which can 1 shot you on expert mode if aggravated, boomers
which can cover you in bile, blinding you and attracting the zombie horde to
swamp you, and finally a tank, which has a crazy amount of health points and
can kill with two to three hits on a full hp opponent.. The game comes with two
different types of game modes, campaign which allows you and three friends/bots
to take on hundreds of zombies, and a versus mode which allows another team of
4 players to play as the zombie bosses in order to brutally take down the human
team. The only downside I can think of is that there are only 4 maps for this
game, although each map has 4 different stages. Teamwork and co-ordination is
the key to success in this game, and is a must play for CS FPS fans.

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They go Live! I’ve started one just as I got back home. Great class and especially fun when starting from lvl 1. Choppas are however slightly stronger then their Slayer Counterparts. Check out for more details and first impressions soon!

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