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Whiter Layout

Trying out a new template! Hope you like it, because I sure hope I do.

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Directly from Champions Online official website!


Atari, Inc., one of the world’s most recognized videogame publishers, and Cryptic Studios™, a leading developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), announced today Champions Online for PC systems will be available worldwide July 14, 2009.


On July 14, European and North American gamers will be able to pick up their copy of Champions Online and dive into a massive world of super powered heroes, villainous Nemeses, ancient gods, underwater civilizations, alien invasions, and much, much more!

From Cryptic Studios, the creators of the acclaimed City of Heroes and City of Villains, comes one of the most exciting new MMOs of 2009… Champions Online! Powered by the groundbreaking Cryptic Engine and based on the award winning Champions setting from the HERO System of pen & paper role playing games, Champions Online taps into a rich and established universe of heroes, villains, and intrigue.

Champions Online takes the MMO genre to new heights with fast paced, “real time” action combat. This high flying action delivers a heroic feeling unlike anything experienced in another MMORPG, while the total customization of character creation takes the experience to the next level. Choose from thousands of costume pieces, body types, and modifications for a level of personalization never before imagined. Create unique power sets to break outside the prison of class archetypes – players can even choose the appearance, and style of their powers to complete their vision.

While players transform into the ultimate hero, the Nemesis system lets Champions Online’s powerful customization tools craft an enemy of the extreme opposite, a villain of nightmares. This ultimate adversary will appear throughout a hero’s career, and even form diabolic supergroups to bedevil other players throughout the universe.

Champions Online brings epic heroism back to the MMORPG genre, with depth to challenge the most experienced online gamers and fast paced action to engage new entrants to the genre. Champions Online promises to redefine online gaming, now the only question is… What hero will you be?


The game will be available at retailers worldwide starting July 14, 2009.


For more information, please visit http://www.atari.com and http://www.champions-online.com


Champions Online brings to living color one of the most beloved tabletop RPGs of the last century. More customizable than any superhero game to date, Champions Online truly provides players with limitless character creation options. Be any superhero you can dream!

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Demigod is a RTS from Gas powered games, who has made titles like Supreme Commander. So far i have only played 1 game in skirmish just to try it out and its seems like Supreme Commander in a different time slot, minus the building of structures and the large maps. You just control 1 demigod, kill the creeps and other Demigods, much like the Warcraft 3 mod, DOTA. I only have played 1 map as I mentioned  and maybe you can build structures, but I have not seen it yet, and therefore cannot report about it.

Graphics of demigod are pretty nice, the atmosphere is great, as the only map i played was on a giant tower top, with the fog of war being a bit different from normal RTS – clouds instead of the normal blackness. The demigods skills also look impressive and the game’s box art shows one of the demigods, which looks exactly like that in the game.

The game play is focused around demigods fighting each other, using skills and items that you can buy from a shop in your base, which is controlled not by you, but by a computer. You can however upgrade the creeps to deal more damage, your citadel to have more health and others similar to it. Your citadel is the structure that your enemy must destroy to win the game, the other buildings there also can be killed but in order to win the game you must kill the citadel.

Achievements can be obtained by performing certain feats in any game, such as killing 25 demigods in a single game or something as simple as winning the game.I’m not sure what this gives but they seem like an interesting touch.

Overall Demigod seems like a nice refined game, I am not sure how long it will last me but it can be safe to say that I will be playing this for some time.


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Tea Time!

Taking a break gentlemen! Besides, I’m capped 😦

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Hyborian Pictures

These are ALL my screenshots I remembered to take in the world of Hyboria!

This one was taken for the water effect when I saw it! Amazing!

Here’s one of the underwater effects! Again, Stunning!

Long shot of water effects!

The begining forest where all new players start.

First city you come past, Tortage.

Inside the Thirsty Dog Inn.

Again in the forest, with a new character.

My assassin exploring night time single player!

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Hyborian Wrap-Up

The Taxidriver has ended his journey in the land of Hyboria, chasing the picts, slave masters, and creatures of all sorts. AoC apparently has become much more polished than it previously was at launch. Since I haven’t played this game at launch I cannot tell, but for those of you that still have an account, there should be more content, more stable game play and maybe its about time you returned. For me, this says the end to my Hyborian Adventures, since I had no intention of playing it when I started, a doubt this MMO gamer will be returning anywhere in the future. There are some key aspects that I enjoy about my experiences in Age of Conan:

  • Great Graphics
  • One of the more mature games
  • Nice Night/Day System
  • Combat is Fast Paced

The graphics are truly stunning when turned up to max, the waters have god rays, which are lights that reflect underwater to show rays that are god-like. It also reflects rays in the day mode to show them between leaves.

The game also has a good community, which is now affected by the number of people entering via the trial, such as me.

The night and day system was quite a nice experience in my opinion. The day is where you play the game as a normal MMORPG but the night was where you played by yourself without the pressures of the day to pursuit your destiny and advance the storyline of the game’s lore.

The combat relies of a series of combo moves which work similiar to DDR and other dance games, where you have to press the up, left or right skills that are shown in the combo box. These up, left and right also act as normal swings that do varying damage depending on the defences that your enemy has. The enemy has 3 defence points (as far as I know) that can be changed from up, left or right defences. If the enemy has 2 defence points on left and 1 point on up, the idea place to hit would be right or any combos that involve right based attacks. This system is probably the most and strongest selling points of AoC, along with graphics that were meant to pull players in.

AoC overall is a good game but work needs to be done, as with any other game,  to get the aggro range fixed and also little stuck bugs in Tortage to be fixed. Screenshots will be coming!

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Capcom has managed to introduce high def  graphics to the 90’s fighter without sacrificing the controls or character balance that made the original so brilliant. The fight centred on 2D gameplay but coated with awesome 3D graphics, with the camera panning around slightly whilst the camera moves side to side. The controls are the same as the original super Nintendo version, with 3 punches and 3 kick – light, medium and hard. However, there are new extra combos and a power up system will allows the character to release a powerhouse combo taking down almost half the hp of the opponent.

The character fighting balance is just as sound as it used to be – each character with a unique fighting style and completely different attacks and combos to cover aerial or ground battle. (The exception being Ryu and Ken) No character has a clear advantage over any other if the opponent adopts strategy and fights smart. The only downsides are the absence of the original bonus levels in which you can destroy a car or barrels with your combos, as well as the female characters dealing out really weak damage compared to their male counterparts.

Overall i rate it 4/5 for gameplay, 4/5 for graphics, 4/5 for sound and 3.5/5 for longevity. Street Fighter 4 is available on Playstation 3 or Xbox Live, and if you are a street fighter or any form of arcade fan, this is a must buy!

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Slayer PvPOWER

Hey! It’s been awhile since I talked about Slayers or Choppas. My slayer has not been progressing in the questing area but has mainly been active in the area of PvP, which I have surprisingly found very interesting changing from a Ranged DPS to a Melee DPS. The damage output is tremendous, with Slayers outputting massive amounts with Flurry and Wild Swing. Which are used alot in PvP by both Slayers and the Choppa mirror. 2 Handeds also seem to be weapon of choice from slayers, maybe because of the skill deathblow instead of wild swing when enemies are by themselves.

Another pointer in PvP about slayers is their power when being healed, if a healer can heal past the enemies punching at your 50% debuffed armor, then you have one mighty fine team there, with you being an unstoppable hurting machine protecting the healers dishing out hot meals of damage both via aoe and the tactic Jagged Edge, which I have just gotten. Unfortunately, if you do not have this healer friend supporting you, you can be just as vulnerable as a bright wizard, or even more (since you are cloe up to your enemies) so you have to remember to keep that rage meter between 25% and 75% where no armour debuff can touch you. Wild swing is, fortunately, a rage exhausting skill, which means a typing cycle of skills for a slayer might follow a root such as, Flurry, Flurry, Flurry, Flurry, Wild Swing, which can be effective given the conditions.

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Recently Age of Conan, the MMORPG released by Funcom last year has finally made the decision to sent out trials to their game. Whether this has anything to do with them finally accepting that the numbers will not rise high enough with the negative reviews about this game and the people who are interested only having these reviews to trust when talking about the game we do not know. If you were one of these people, you can now lay to rest those impressions and try it out before you etch that impression into your head.

I suggest to most of you that have no played Age of Conan to try it out, just like I am right now . It should be a good game considering its successful launch and its deep lore that accompanies the MMO. I will post some screen shots of my 7 day Hyborian Adventures if I remember to capture any, if not, no biggie, because you yourself can easily go to http://www.ageofconan.com/trial/ to get your own Age of Conan Trial.

NOTE: This download is a whopping 13.1gbs so you might have to wait a fair bit before being able to play it. Don’t make the same mistake I did, activate your account AFTER you finished installing instead of when you are downloading.

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