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Demigod is a RTS from Gas powered games, who has made titles like Supreme Commander. So far i have only played 1 game in skirmish just to try it out and its seems like Supreme Commander in a different time slot, minus the building of structures and the large maps. You just control 1 demigod, kill the creeps and other Demigods, much like the Warcraft 3 mod, DOTA. I only have played 1 map as I mentioned  and maybe you can build structures, but I have not seen it yet, and therefore cannot report about it.

Graphics of demigod are pretty nice, the atmosphere is great, as the only map i played was on a giant tower top, with the fog of war being a bit different from normal RTS – clouds instead of the normal blackness. The demigods skills also look impressive and the game’s box art shows one of the demigods, which looks exactly like that in the game.

The game play is focused around demigods fighting each other, using skills and items that you can buy from a shop in your base, which is controlled not by you, but by a computer. You can however upgrade the creeps to deal more damage, your citadel to have more health and others similar to it. Your citadel is the structure that your enemy must destroy to win the game, the other buildings there also can be killed but in order to win the game you must kill the citadel.

Achievements can be obtained by performing certain feats in any game, such as killing 25 demigods in a single game or something as simple as winning the game.I’m not sure what this gives but they seem like an interesting touch.

Overall Demigod seems like a nice refined game, I am not sure how long it will last me but it can be safe to say that I will be playing this for some time.


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What can I say? Empire: Total War is one massive game with hundreds of hours of quality gaming. It has beautiful landscapes and detail beyond any RTS possible. It is simply RTS at its finest with many of the features and conventions of an RTS mixed into a 14 GB file of goodness.

First off, I’ll Start with the graphics and as with any high quality graphically intensive game, graphics are sharp and nice. Each little man you have has a detailed face and armour. Unlike Medieval 2 however I have noticed a similarly in the face structure that they all look likes clones once more, but that’s not a big deal as the rest of the game looks very impressive. The campaign map also has rather nice features and a clean easily interpreted map. Ship battles, which are the new thing in all RTSs it seems, have great water details but the boundless ocean map can seem strange when you are fighting just off shore.

Music is more of short 1 second wav files and a huge mix of unit charge quotes. Apart from that I have not heard any really tunes, so I have replaces it with my own tunes. I can’t really say much about music in any game so far as most of it is not required. The only time I really listen to music is to immerse myself in the game, which is only really required in horror games, FPS games (for footsteps), and some other games which require sound to do certain things.

Game play is fun as ever, watching your little men charge at the opponent’s little men always brings a smile to my face. Nothing much has changed to the land battles as far as I can notice but a real nice change is the Ship battles. They are fun but once you have done them over and over, it comes down to having a broadside to win. Capturing ships on the other hand require a barrage of chain shots which tear though masts. The details when zoomed into closed watching your men reload cannons etc are nice especially when they are commanded to board the enemy ship.

The Campaign include a Grand Campaign, where you play as any of 12 nations and a story-driven campaign called Road To Independence, where you control a colony of British settlers on their way to separating from Britain and becoming America. Both are fun but for a new player to this game like me, the road to independence is like a tutorial towards the grand campaign and familiarises you with the environment and play style of Empire: Total War.

Things that could have been improved is the ship battles, as fun as they may be initially, they do wear down very fast and in the end you will just want to auto resolve the battle instead of fighting it out. Although I have missed out a lot of aspects (I know but bare with me) I have just started this game and will require some time to fully explore the different game modes.

NOTE: I have not touched Multiplayer yet but I will soon enough! I therefore will not rate the game since obviously it is just a first impression and I haven’t touched every corner of this game yet. (And I wont for a long time)

That’s just an impression on Empire: Total War. As it just came out, I cannot say for certain whether it is a good game but overall if you are a gaming fan, this is a MUST for you. Get it off steam for 57 bucks and get a whooping bang for your buck!

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