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I tried to port the posts manually to Blogger, which is one of the things I would like to say, along with an unfortunate piece of news; I accidentally deleted some posts, lucky I have been able to revive all but 1 of them down at the blogger site, check it out @ gamingonearth@blogger.com.

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Well it’s time to pull off the Warhammer information like Squigy’s Pile. It will now be acessable in a new page creatively named “Misc”. The RSS feed for Warhammer will also be replaced with a Champions Online one, hopefully.


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Whiter Layout

Trying out a new template! Hope you like it, because I sure hope I do.

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Tea Time!

Taking a break gentlemen! Besides, I’m capped 😦

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Well it’s that time of the year again, where I look over the site and what’s been up. I have decided to expand the site to more folds of gaming but still specifically focusing on computer gaming, although some console stuff might be added now and then. Tech news will also be a part of our family along with some other news.

Warhammer Online is still what I play so that will still be my focus although there is not much use in that direction anymore since the population cap has went down exponentially and endgame is somewhat still lacking. For all you Warhammer Readers out there (all of you) I bid you a slow transitioning farewell. Maybe you will still read my post, maybe you will not. But whatever you do, I hope you had a great time with me and I have enjoyed telling you about my Warhammer Experiences. (This isn’t to say that I will stop posting about Warhammer, but the news and focus will be moving away from a single game to all genres of gaming.)

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On March 23, 2006 Microsoft set the record for the largest water balloon fight at the Xbox 360 launch on Coogee beach, Sydney. A total of 2849 people formed the shape of the Xbox 360 logo brandishing 51400 water balloons. It sets a new definition for the Australian water crisis!

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Did you know, that “in May 2008 Xbox 360 became the first next generation console to break through the 10 million unit sales barrier in the US!”

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A Few Sentences

I’m not sure whats wrong with me, I’m going to soon update this blog to cover more and more genres of gaming. Coming up is my first impressions of Empire: Total War and a more general approach, hence a name change will probaby be nessessary, mauybe something interesting and unique! Like Primus Gaming (ok I know its not unique but its a start)

Still looking for contributors! Expand and write posts for me! I accept everything!

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Desktop UI

Its about time I showed you my ui. Well here it is in all it’s sci-fi glory!

Left: Rocket Dock with Lucid Icons Set

Bottom Mid: Geosans Skin for Rainmeter

Bottom Left: Reader skin by Enigma for Rainmeter by Kaelri

Bottom Right: CD Art Display (Now playing text is part of the enigma skin for Rainmeter) with iSome Skin

Top right: Date, Time and Weather skins from Enigma for Rainmeter by Kaelri

Top Center: Geosans Skin for Rainmeter

Background: The Rise of a Planet by taenaron

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Please help me by giving me some feedback to certain aspects of the website and how can I approve it. Please answer the poll below, and if there are enough votes, a feedback page might be needed for me to put up some questions of mine to you readers. Please fill it in and remember to be honest!

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