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Link: http://www.alltern8.com/library/mmo_games/press_release/champions_online_-_exclusive_qa_session_with_bill_roper/l-4053.html

After reading that, I have felt that more of the Champions Online features are expalined to me. As some of you might also feel, Champions have not ben really open with the game and I have trouble finding good solid information about the game. This is somewhat worrying because the game is launching very soon and maybe they wanted to keep most of the details hushed up for a explosive launch.

I would have liked to hear more in detail about the customisation factor that this game has but I might as well wait till I get into the beta or I would find out during launch. If anyone has any information or is currently in the beta, conatct me! I would love to know more about Champions and how the customisation works.

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