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Well it’s time to pull off the Warhammer information like Squigy’s Pile. It will now be acessable in a new page creatively named “Misc”. The RSS feed for Warhammer will also be replaced with a Champions Online one, hopefully.


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Well Lets see how things went while I was away. The first obvious thing I expected was the whole guild moving ahead of me, leaving me behind. Most of my guildies have left me for lost vale and other high-end content. This does demoralise ones self and inevitably made me stop WAR temporarily, this does come in at a good time as I can use the choppa slayer patch to convince me to start again, maybe to make a character on the opposing side of my server (this does mean deleting Squigy and all he represents). So while I wait for this patch to come along, I will be asking myself all day to see if the choppas or the slayer will do it for me.

For you readers, this does not mean I’m not posting Squig herder related new anymore, it just means I will be posting additional stuff along with it to mix it up.

Reader Question:

Have you ever left a game only to come back later (more then 2 weeks or so) to see that your guild has moved ahead of you and you feel left out?

Send me your comments! I want to see how people get over this period of time, do you go back to gaming immediately or do you wait for content to come out before you give it another try.

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Ever been in a situation where you are isolated in the wilderness of WAR? Introducing Squigy’s Squig Herder Survival Guide, teaching squig herders all around how to survive in the wild!  Over these couple of days I will tell you the secrets of survivng in the wild and how to avoid those nasty order and survive with just your rags and your squig! Remember to always keep a journal of your survival adventures to sell for serious gold when you return to civilization.

Lesson 1 : Choosing your camp

The first thing you should do when you’re lost is to find a place to camp out and wait for assistance. This might range from 3 days to 2 weeks or even more. Choose a location close to running water and away from order patrol camps (if you happen to spot any). The secret is that you should always have your regular tools such as :

Map of local area

Writing tools to put notes on the maps

Lots and Lots of Squigs (For Food)

This situation will examine a typical 3 day surviving strategy with no immense problems (its the first lesson, the complications will be introduced later on) and also no real dangers such as patrols. This lesson is aimed at the survival rookie hoping to even last the night!

The first thing you should do is find a safe sercure location near a river bank (if applicable) or any other running water source. Keep in mind that you should not camp near visible tracks that resemble any permamnent patrol routes for order patrols and any roads that order use. squigy_002

Now after you find yourself a water source, scout and note down the areas near that source that provide food, shelter, and secondary escape routes in case those pesky order do manage to spot you and your little base camp. The first day of survival is usually the hardest and the most labor intensive, so be prepared to do alot of work tracking, noting and preparing your camp to be suitible for living.

In the image to your right, you can see a typical start of your long long days. Notice the 3 spots of importance; the water source, your squig and grass. These spots will be needed in the further days  incase of a food shortage.

A flaw in the spot that our sample Squig Herder recides is that it is far too visible by any side, this is very very dangerous to any survival Squig Herder or not as visiblity is your enemy in this scenario. The time of day also effects visiblity (obviously) and the best spots to choose are heavily wooded forests or behind a waterfall (Setting up camp behind a waterfall leads to complications that will effect the amount of time you can stay in a particular area at a time).

Summary: Select areas with low visibility, stable food supplies, running water, and off main order trade routes or any other places which order frequently tranverses.

Lesson 2 : Selecting your Food Supply

Once you’ve found your base camp and have completed all tasks detailed in the first lesson, you are ready to set up the physical aspect of your camp! You MUST have a stable food source to maintain good health!

Some activities you can do to get you food are:

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Squig Herding


I will explain each one into detail starting with Hunting. Hunting is the basic form of finding animals or monsters (whatever tickles your fancy) and killing them for food. This works best near forests and other areas that have alot of animals that you are able to kill easily for food. Some animals that have been tried and testing for the ages are cats or every kind, rabbits, frogs and horses (or unicorns if you’re in elven lands)


  • Burst of food when you kill one can last you serveral days
  • Tasty red meat


  • Risky
  • Might not be sucessful depending on your knowledge of the animal
  • Killing it might be messy
  • Alerts order to your prescence if body not taken care of

Fishing is the other alternative to hunting and is the ideal option for the cast aways on isolated islands. It might take longer but you reduce the inital risk factor that comes with fighting big large sabretooth lions (or whatever it may be that your fighting)


  • Little to no risk factor
  • Leaves no trace
  • Omega 3 goodness


  • Little gain at once
  • Have to be patient
  • Bait might mean you have to catch additional fish or shrimps

Squig Herdering is the other form of hunting that relies on your ability to lure squigs to you and kill them for food. This can be very very easy if you are a proficient herder. Using small mushrooms or other small plants, you can summon many squigs to you at the cost of order being alerted to your location by following the squigs or hearing the noises of them.


  • The most stable food supply
  • Or not…


  • Bad option for the non squig herder class
  • Easily detectable
  • Squigs
  • Very Very messy

Summary: Food is important for your survival in the wilds and you must decide what form of food you want, whether it be meat, squigs, fish, or a mix of all three. This decision must be made on the instant that you decide your location of your camp. Remember: A organised Survival is a Living one!

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Well Squigy will be on break during the Xmas holidays. I will however still post a Xmas special along with a update of the website and it’s content soon. Keep in mind certain areas of the website will have to be closed to accommodate my new routine of updating this blog. These changes will unfortunately comprise of the following:

  • Removal of the Tome Titan Page, updates are all on the curse web page
  • Wallpapers will be inactive for the time being
  • Certain other aspect will have to be taken down.
  • New pictures will be added to introduce each section
  • A renaming of the blog and updates to the construction of each section
  • Updates of the Pile will include pictures and whatnot

Thanks for staying with me!

All the best for your Christmas holidays and New Year resolutions!


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