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From the Champions Online website:

Contest: Urban Planning

Posted by IronAngel

The Urban Planning Commission is scrambling to rename parks that have been destroyed by the most recent Qularr invasion in an effort to boost local morale. To honor the fallen, they have taken the City’s most treasured heroes and built monuments in their name. One remains to be named. The council has determined that our citizens shall take on this task.

It is your challenge, nay your duty, to make your mark on Millennium City – name this last city park! The council will choose the most appropriate name for the park and they will honor you with a plaque in the center of that area. As a bonus, they will also give you a key to play there. Check out the images below, and e-mail your entry to contest@crypticstudios.com today!

 Unnamed Park


Unnamed Park

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Link: http://www.alltern8.com/library/mmo_games/press_release/champions_online_-_exclusive_qa_session_with_bill_roper/l-4053.html

After reading that, I have felt that more of the Champions Online features are expalined to me. As some of you might also feel, Champions have not ben really open with the game and I have trouble finding good solid information about the game. This is somewhat worrying because the game is launching very soon and maybe they wanted to keep most of the details hushed up for a explosive launch.

I would have liked to hear more in detail about the customisation factor that this game has but I might as well wait till I get into the beta or I would find out during launch. If anyone has any information or is currently in the beta, conatct me! I would love to know more about Champions and how the customisation works.

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From Champions Online website! Gives quite a load of juicy information about the game. Read on!

How many powers are we able to gain over the 40 levels? Will we be required to take a certain amount or can we just take one or two powers that we want and stick with them, like the PnP version of this game? Also, are we limited in how many movement powers we can take? (Nexus)

Different powers are on different economies. For example, as the game stands right now, there are many sorcery variants (different circles of power) which cost advantage points instead of active power points because they’re all mutually exclusive to each other – you’d only have one going at a time. You’ll get 14 powers plus one movement power plus one endurance power. Every character will get 34 advantage points, total, to spend. This may change before launch.

One of the most important things to me in an MMO is being able to Roleplay. In previous games (CoX) you provided a lot of emotes for people to use to interact with each other. Will you have an equal or greater range of Emotes in Champions Online?(Bandyt)

Currently we have 54 emotes in the game and are constantly adding more. I’m not sure how many we had in CoX at ship, but I think 54 is quite a bit!

Will players be able to walk around instead of the slowest form of movement being a light jog? (Bandyt)

Not currently. We will likely add that in the future, but when it came down to getting jet boot animations or walking, we went with the jet boots.

Can we get some information on how healing is going to work in the game? Is it going to be an offensive or defensive power? Can we target others with our heals, or are we just going to be able to heal ourselves? Is there anything in the crafting sets that will allow us to make a small robot, or gun, that heals for us? (1000_Tons_of_Awesome)

Healing is going to primarily come from telepathy, gadgeteering and sorcery sets. They’re going to be simple directed heals. There will be some special purpose heals in both martial arts and supernatural. There will also be healing from gear.

Additionally, every crafting school has two different healing items they can make, and those are thematically different for the different schools. Players can build those and give them to their friends or trade them. So players could gather multiple healing items from the different crafting schools. Each school has one that gives you a preemptive amount of healing ahead of time, and then one that heals you after you’ve been hit. They function differently for the different crafting schools. Science has nanobots that heal you over time, for example, or that can provide a shield of sorts ahead of time that will protect you from a certain amount of damage.

Are there plans for more travel powers after launch? For example, City of Heroes has had the same travel powers since launch (unless I’m mistaken). (Belstaffar)

We’re actually going to be launching with an impressive number of movement powers, but it’s safe to say that we’re likely to add more variants after launch based on what players want.

Are you planning on expanding the 3-hit combo combat system, perhaps not at launch, but further down the line?(Saikyo-RyuHatman)

Powers that go in multiple hit combos within the same button are that way for aesthetics as much as anything else. The idea is that every character has 10 or 15 different combos based on the interactions of the different buttons in their trays. The fact that individual buttons go through one, two or three hit combos tends to be very button specific. The fighting powers are all built to be three hit combos simply because the first hit is very good efficiency for damage and energy, and the second and third hits (it rotates between those two) are very low efficiency on damage but they generate energy at the same rate. So, if there’s a good reason to expand on that we will, but right now there are no plans do so.

In regards to post launch game content, will we be seeing expansion in the forms of more end game content (more dungeons, different Pv types, etc.), further character development (Raise in level cap, more powers, more unlock-able costume pieces, etc.) , or more general game content (More travel powers, vehicles, playable Villains, etc.)? (jhonderbler)

Yup! We’re working on our post-launch content plan, and it covers almost everything you mentioned!

Will powers in power frameworks be sequentially grouped (meaning you need powers x and y to get power z) or bound by level, or will they be freely choosable? (Ex: choosing Fireimps at level 2 and then working on upgrading that till the end game). (andrewvanmarle)

None of the above. Powers in individual frameworks are grouped into tiers, to unlock the powers in a tier, you need to buy a certain number of powers within that framework, or a greater number of powers from anywhere in the game.

Tier 0: no prereqs
Tier 1: at least 1 in category, or any 2
Tier 2: at least 3 in category, or any 5
Tier 3: at least 5 in category, or any 8

End builder powers do count as in category, but don’t count towards the “any.” Movement powers don’t count.

Say I choose a power at creation, and right off the bat the next few levels I upgrade that power three times (that is the limit, so I’ve heard) so it is as powerful as it can be. Will I out grow that power after say, 20 levels, and be required to choose new more viable powers for my level – or will the power continue to ‘level’ up with me so I can use it viably all the way to 40? (Shaolinwind)

All powers scale up automatically in their efficacy. The ranking up is actually a multiplier. Rank 2 is 20% better than rank 1, and rank 3 is 20% better than rank 2. The base automatically scales with you. The game is actually balanced around an assumption of most of your powers being at rank 2. So, having powers at rank 3 puts you ahead of the curve. Having powers at rank 1 puts you behind the curve. This is why you have just a few more enhancement points than needed to take all your powers to rank 2. This way you can take one to rank 3. Or, you could take several up to rank 3, but that means you’d have to leave several powers at rank 1 to afford it.

What form of music will the CO Universe be surrounded by? Is a specific form of music focused on (i.e. Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock), or is the music simply ambiance regarding the area in which the player is playing? Or is CO moving to the more commonly used “epic-symphony” form of music? (Seraphus)

We currently have a variety of types and styles of music in Champions. The style of music we choose to employ is dependent upon the character of the zone you are in, and the type of gameplay found within.

In general, we have three main types of music:

* Neighborhood (zone) music – plays when you enter a clearly defined area or region of a map. This music is designed to establish a mood for a specific area, and may vary in style depending upon what that particular area is, and what it contains.
* Mission music – music that plays during a specific mission.
* Boss music – interactive music for significant bosses in the game. This music is designed to increase in intensity as your battle against the boss progresses.

There are a few miscellaneous uses for music as well (login/character creation, etc.) but these three categories comprise the bulk of our music score for the game.

Regarding music styles, in general we chose a contemporary orchestral (“epic”) style to help convey a heroic feel. We are a superhero game after all! But in many areas of the game, such as the Burial Caves (in Canada), Snake Gulch, or the Atomic Wasteland (both in the Desert) we try to match music to that particular area and the action that takes place there. Hence you get some frighteningly spooky-flavored music in the Burial Caves, Ennio Morricone-style spaghetti western music in Snake Gulch, and something with a little radioactive techno–scifi feel while you are in the Atomic Wasteland.

Please note that we are still adding music to the game…there is much more to come!

Is the CO loot system going to be closely like the WoW system where finding/making new armor will greatly improve your character? Or will it be more like the Beta version of LOTRO (Lord of the Rings online) where items are helpful but most just add very slight boosts? (Terajn)

In most other MMOs the value of gear varies greatly depending on your level. The higher the level you go, the more important your gear is. At high level gameplay the value of your gear is far more than half the total value of your character’s efficacy. In Champions the value of your gear, or Upgrades, is less than half your total efficacy at all times. It’s always going to be important, but it won’t double your efficacy.

Upgrades will, however, have an impact. They will help you enhance your character in a variety of ways. There are plenty of Upgrades in the game that aren’t simply items. Some are skills, some are talents, some are physical objects. People can also craft Upgrades. You get them from doing missions, in group activities or solo play activities, from PvP and PvE. There are going to be Upgrades people can gain to enhance their characters and their character concepts. You’ll want those Upgrades when you’re playing at the highest level; the game difficulty is balanced around the assumption that players will use those Upgrades.

Will Champions Online have the equivalent of badges from COH for exploration, completing certain tasks, etc? (numar)

Champions Online has an extensive system of Perks players can earn through exploration, defeating villains, completing story arcs, etc. There’s actually a reward system attached to Perks that allows you access to various titles, costumes, and items.

Will there be a “hero hangout” spot like the Atlas statue in CoH? Such a place doesn’t exist villain side. And what are you planning to do to ensure people will still be coming there even at high levels? (andrewvanmarle)

One of the main hangouts for hero types is Renaissance Center in Millennium City. The Ren Center is an enormous plaza surrounded by the tallest skyscrapers in the city. Players can shop at the many vendors there, do their banking, queue up for PVP bouts, or just hang out in the Club Caprice nightclub. Players looking for a bird’s eye view of the city can see the sights from a lounge beneath a tethered blimp at the top of the Heroes Inc. building.

Are hero names exclusive to an individual, like in City of Heroes, or can two heroes have the same name? (Nexus)

Rejoice, the days of name-squatting are over! In Champions Online, character names are unique to a single player’s account. Everyone can now be “Odysseus.” Each account can only have one “Odysseus,” though. If Champions Online can’t figure out the precise character you’re referring to, you specify the player who owns the character. This is done by appending the player’s handle (also call an @name or public name) to it. For example, “Odysseus@poz,” “Odysseus@Simmons,” and “Odysseus@Homer.”

Talk about it in the forums!

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Directly from Champions Online official website!


Atari, Inc., one of the world’s most recognized videogame publishers, and Cryptic Studios™, a leading developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), announced today Champions Online for PC systems will be available worldwide July 14, 2009.


On July 14, European and North American gamers will be able to pick up their copy of Champions Online and dive into a massive world of super powered heroes, villainous Nemeses, ancient gods, underwater civilizations, alien invasions, and much, much more!

From Cryptic Studios, the creators of the acclaimed City of Heroes and City of Villains, comes one of the most exciting new MMOs of 2009… Champions Online! Powered by the groundbreaking Cryptic Engine and based on the award winning Champions setting from the HERO System of pen & paper role playing games, Champions Online taps into a rich and established universe of heroes, villains, and intrigue.

Champions Online takes the MMO genre to new heights with fast paced, “real time” action combat. This high flying action delivers a heroic feeling unlike anything experienced in another MMORPG, while the total customization of character creation takes the experience to the next level. Choose from thousands of costume pieces, body types, and modifications for a level of personalization never before imagined. Create unique power sets to break outside the prison of class archetypes – players can even choose the appearance, and style of their powers to complete their vision.

While players transform into the ultimate hero, the Nemesis system lets Champions Online’s powerful customization tools craft an enemy of the extreme opposite, a villain of nightmares. This ultimate adversary will appear throughout a hero’s career, and even form diabolic supergroups to bedevil other players throughout the universe.

Champions Online brings epic heroism back to the MMORPG genre, with depth to challenge the most experienced online gamers and fast paced action to engage new entrants to the genre. Champions Online promises to redefine online gaming, now the only question is… What hero will you be?


The game will be available at retailers worldwide starting July 14, 2009.


For more information, please visit http://www.atari.com and http://www.champions-online.com


Champions Online brings to living color one of the most beloved tabletop RPGs of the last century. More customizable than any superhero game to date, Champions Online truly provides players with limitless character creation options. Be any superhero you can dream!

Link to the forum post

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Hyborian Pictures

These are ALL my screenshots I remembered to take in the world of Hyboria!

This one was taken for the water effect when I saw it! Amazing!

Here’s one of the underwater effects! Again, Stunning!

Long shot of water effects!

The begining forest where all new players start.

First city you come past, Tortage.

Inside the Thirsty Dog Inn.

Again in the forest, with a new character.

My assassin exploring night time single player!

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Hyborian Wrap-Up

The Taxidriver has ended his journey in the land of Hyboria, chasing the picts, slave masters, and creatures of all sorts. AoC apparently has become much more polished than it previously was at launch. Since I haven’t played this game at launch I cannot tell, but for those of you that still have an account, there should be more content, more stable game play and maybe its about time you returned. For me, this says the end to my Hyborian Adventures, since I had no intention of playing it when I started, a doubt this MMO gamer will be returning anywhere in the future. There are some key aspects that I enjoy about my experiences in Age of Conan:

  • Great Graphics
  • One of the more mature games
  • Nice Night/Day System
  • Combat is Fast Paced

The graphics are truly stunning when turned up to max, the waters have god rays, which are lights that reflect underwater to show rays that are god-like. It also reflects rays in the day mode to show them between leaves.

The game also has a good community, which is now affected by the number of people entering via the trial, such as me.

The night and day system was quite a nice experience in my opinion. The day is where you play the game as a normal MMORPG but the night was where you played by yourself without the pressures of the day to pursuit your destiny and advance the storyline of the game’s lore.

The combat relies of a series of combo moves which work similiar to DDR and other dance games, where you have to press the up, left or right skills that are shown in the combo box. These up, left and right also act as normal swings that do varying damage depending on the defences that your enemy has. The enemy has 3 defence points (as far as I know) that can be changed from up, left or right defences. If the enemy has 2 defence points on left and 1 point on up, the idea place to hit would be right or any combos that involve right based attacks. This system is probably the most and strongest selling points of AoC, along with graphics that were meant to pull players in.

AoC overall is a good game but work needs to be done, as with any other game,  to get the aggro range fixed and also little stuck bugs in Tortage to be fixed. Screenshots will be coming!

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Slayer PvPOWER

Hey! It’s been awhile since I talked about Slayers or Choppas. My slayer has not been progressing in the questing area but has mainly been active in the area of PvP, which I have surprisingly found very interesting changing from a Ranged DPS to a Melee DPS. The damage output is tremendous, with Slayers outputting massive amounts with Flurry and Wild Swing. Which are used alot in PvP by both Slayers and the Choppa mirror. 2 Handeds also seem to be weapon of choice from slayers, maybe because of the skill deathblow instead of wild swing when enemies are by themselves.

Another pointer in PvP about slayers is their power when being healed, if a healer can heal past the enemies punching at your 50% debuffed armor, then you have one mighty fine team there, with you being an unstoppable hurting machine protecting the healers dishing out hot meals of damage both via aoe and the tactic Jagged Edge, which I have just gotten. Unfortunately, if you do not have this healer friend supporting you, you can be just as vulnerable as a bright wizard, or even more (since you are cloe up to your enemies) so you have to remember to keep that rage meter between 25% and 75% where no armour debuff can touch you. Wild swing is, fortunately, a rage exhausting skill, which means a typing cycle of skills for a slayer might follow a root such as, Flurry, Flurry, Flurry, Flurry, Wild Swing, which can be effective given the conditions.

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Recently Age of Conan, the MMORPG released by Funcom last year has finally made the decision to sent out trials to their game. Whether this has anything to do with them finally accepting that the numbers will not rise high enough with the negative reviews about this game and the people who are interested only having these reviews to trust when talking about the game we do not know. If you were one of these people, you can now lay to rest those impressions and try it out before you etch that impression into your head.

I suggest to most of you that have no played Age of Conan to try it out, just like I am right now . It should be a good game considering its successful launch and its deep lore that accompanies the MMO. I will post some screen shots of my 7 day Hyborian Adventures if I remember to capture any, if not, no biggie, because you yourself can easily go to http://www.ageofconan.com/trial/ to get your own Age of Conan Trial.

NOTE: This download is a whopping 13.1gbs so you might have to wait a fair bit before being able to play it. Don’t make the same mistake I did, activate your account AFTER you finished installing instead of when you are downloading.

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Warhammer Online has released their juicy new content pack called Beyond the Sands! Heres the excerpt from the newsletter! Wonder whats in store for us!

A slow trickle of questionable artifacts has begun to surface on the warfront as initial expeditions return from the southern sands. Uncertain as to why, the forces of Order are nevertheless determined to thwart the plans of their enemies by securing these powerful items for themselves.

But the forces of Destruction have done more than simply pilfer the silent barrows of a forgotten empire; they have awoken the servants of the undying kings, and now the indomitable will of the Tomb Kings are fixed beyond their borders once again.

Liche Priests have followed the artifact trail north through Dwarf and greenskin lands, determined to recover the stolen possessions of their masters at all costs

Unencumbered by the mundane need to eat or sleep, these tireless undead spell casters have found the battlefields of the Old World to be excellent “recruiting” grounds as they call forth skeletal armies to overwhelm both Order and Destruction forces.

Beyond the Sands is the second chapter in the Call to Arms! event story arc leading up to the release of the Land of the Dead dungeon later this year. Beyond the Sands will pit players against each other as both factions compete to secure artifacts of the Nehekharan Kings and subdue their Liche Priests.

Players who complete all of the event tasks will receive an exclusive title “Grave Robber” as well as Aviator Goggles, a helm item with special properties.

Live Event:

Call to Arms: Beyond the Sands


Late April


Battle to secure expedition crates from the Artifact Depots in the RvR Lakes. Join the Fallen Kings Open RvR PQ to vie for control of ancient artifacts and face a powerful servant of the Tomb Kings. Complete four new quest chains, including a unique epic quest which will unlock as the secrets of the sands unfold.


Basic – Unique Event Title – Grave Robber
Advanced – Unique Tomb Kings Trophies
EliteAviator Goggles

“They say it was once a paradise, as green and as plentiful as Caledor. To look on Nehekhara now, I can hardly believe such claims. What was it that brought such a great empire to ruin? What brought its walls crumbling down, decimated its people, and made its rulers the mockeries of life that they have become? And might such a fate be visited upon our world?”

— Loradian, Scholar of Saphery

“A dry, dry place! Hot wif sun ‘n not a mushroom innit! No proppa place fer a Waaagh! if ya ask me. Oh, I knows ya ain’t asked me, boss! I’s just givin’ out, dat’s all!”
— Razza, Goblin, Zandri Expedition

The Land of the Dead is a vast realm of lifeless deserts and barren landscapes. Nehekhara, as this wasted territory was known in antiquity, consists of countless necropolises that lie sprawling where great and powerful cities once stood. Sand-scoured monuments, hypostyles, and mastabas, crumbling with the passage of eons, mark the final resting places of powerful kings, princes, and lords. Though their citizens died long ago, these forsaken necropolises are far from lifeless.

This is the land of the Tomb Kings: great monarchs of a bygone age who sought to cheat death and live as immortals in the bejeweled kingdoms they had wrought in life. Long did their Liche-Priests toil in search a solution to the enigmas of death, but an ultimate solution eluded them. In lieu of directly extending the lives of their kings, the Liche Priests chose to prepare their kings’ remains for the time when they would rise from the dead into an eternal paradise as immortal beings.

Centuries passed and countless kings and princes were embalmed, sanctified, and entombed upon their deaths. When the time of their immortality came, they discovered that the world they knew in life had been laid to waste, its people decimated and its cities crumbling. Instead of the eternal paradise promised them by the Liche Priests, the Tomb Kings awoke to an everlasting Land of the Dead.

The Necropolis of Zandri

“It is here, in this city of the dead, that we must secure victory against the wretches that assail us. The clues are there, beneath the sands. If we are to emerge victorious, we must find them, pull them from the dunes, and solve the puzzle before our enemies do. The solution is here, within the halls and mastabas of Zandri.”
— Vanden Lightwind, Archmage of Hoeth

“Do they know why we have come here? Why we have diverted precious resources to this lifeless place? They must, for they are not fools! Why else would they match us pawn for pawn, knight for knight? They want the Casket of Souls as much as we do, though I dare say they haven’t the stomach to use it.”
— Xalyn Eboneye, Bride of Khaine

Zandri, which exists near the northern coast of the Land of the Dead, was the greatest of Nehekhara’s northern cities. Like much of Nehekhara, it is now a vast and sprawling ruin. It is this zone, known as the Necropolis, which is fraught with danger and rife with conflict. It presents players with their initial challenges in the Land of the Dead.

Though much of the Necropolis’ vestiges have been lost to time or remain buried beneath the dunes, a number of landmarks remain. Central to these is the Library of Zandri, which Amenemhetum filled with written knowledge from every corner of his once-extensive empire. The Hall of the Heavens, too, was once consulted by the priests of the Vulture Lord’s mortuary cult, for knowledge and prophecy can be found in the circling stars.

These places of power, amongst others, are kept safe by Amenemhetum’s trusted generals: Tomb Princes and Liche Priests who would face death a second time rather than fail their unforgiving master. Such is his pride that King Amenemhetum the Vulture Lord, ruling from his great pyramid, would see these monuments reduced to dust and ashes before his enemies could claim them.

The Tomb of the Vulture Lord

“You better make sure you use your people right, even if it means playing them off one against the other. Every great ruler does it. Hells, I’d wager even Karl Franz does it, though I don’t mean any disrespect in saying so. Mark my words: There isn’t a better motivation than spite to fuel a man’s hunger for power!”
— Desmond Koehler, Bright Wizard of the Empire

“That’s the sweet scent of ambition, my friend. I can taste it each time the eastward wind blows a gust of sand and gravel across the camp. It comes from the pyramid, or I’ll blind myself with a raven’s claw. There’s more than just the Tomb King in that place craving more than what they’ve already got. It’s a nest of scorpions in there, and I mean that in more ways than just the one.”
— Kavina the Stormrider, Magus of Tzeentch

With the dangers of the Necropolis zone behind them, players will face Zandri’s true challenge: the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

The Tomb, within Zandri’s great pyramid, is a necropolis in its own right. After defeating the Necropolis’ challenges and solving the necessary puzzles, players can gain access to the Vulture Lord’s tomb. Not only will players need to contend with the Tomb King’s undead minions, they must also survive several deadly traps constructed to keep both enemies and tomb robbers at bay. The Tomb is the unassailable seat of Amenemhetum’s power, and none can hope to defile it.

Highest among Amenemhetum’s servants within the pyramid are his Hierophant, Eutra’ta, and Herakh, High Priest of Ualatp. Even without these capable servants, the Vulture Lord is a powerful and immortal foe who possesses many ancient relics. Of these, the most-feared and coveted is his Casket of Souls, which contains the spirits of Amenemhetum’s gravest enemies. Each is bound for eternity within the ghastly artifact, freed briefly when the Vulture Lord unleashes their captive souls upon his enemies.

King Amenemhetum is not unfamiliar with the forces that Order and Destruction have arrayed against him. In the distant past of his living rule, his fleets crossed prows with Malekith’s ships in the seas east of Ulthuan, and his soldiers took the field against the Dwarfs of old. Though enraged by their audacity at invading his homeland, the Vulture Lord is quietly pleased by the sudden call to war and relishes putting his enemies to their final test.

Read more about The Land of the Dead >>

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For those of you who do not visit the Champions Online site for whatever reason but do visit this, I will link a couple of the nice Champions Online screenshots for you eyes to drool over. These are some of the more recent screenshots!




Champions Online has recently released a guild beta application page for those who wish to play the beta as a guild. This would be interesting and also may increase your chances of getting in if you have a large group. I am thinking of applying as a guild with some of my Warhammer Online friends, if they allow additional invites after the application has been submitted, I will be more then happy to invite some readers that are interested in here to the beta. Take a close look at those screen shots and imagine you being there!

I will be applying for the guild application in 3 days, (2nd April) so comment and add your email by then to be on my list!

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